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[ANN] Log4j Scala API version 11.0 is now released 0 replies Log4j - Users
Fwd: CVE-2017-5645: Apache Log4j socket receiver deserialization vulnerability 0 replies Log4j - Users
[ANN] Log4j 2.8.2 released 3 replies Apache Logging - General
[ANN] Log4j 2.8.2 released 4 replies Log4j - Users
[ANN] Log4j 2.8.2 released 5 replies Log4j - Dev
Fwd: logging-log4j2 git commit: Try out specifying bash in mvnw to make Jenkins happy 0 replies Log4j - Dev
Re: [ANN] Log4j 2.8 released 1 reply Log4j - Dev
Fwd: logging-log4j-scala git commit: Add intro to README 0 replies Log4j - Dev