dailyrollingfileappender not writing backup files

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dailyrollingfileappender not writing backup files

Esher, Marc (4-7260)

   I'm using log4j 1.2.7 and have multiple threads writing to the same
log file. I'm using traditional properties file to configure log4j (not
the xml file). The backups don't seem to work when I use a regular


I switched to a DailyRollingFileAppender. What happens now is that at
the appropriate time (in this case, at the "minute" level), the log file
is started over, but no backup file is written. i.e. I have mylog.txt
but no mylog.txt.2005-05-04-xxxxx files accruing.


I seem to remember reading somewhere about the appropriate way to
configure log4j if multiple threads are writing to the file appender.
Can someone point me in the right direction? Sample config files would
be most appreciated!