Unit tests fail after log4cxx build on Raspberry Pi

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Unit tests fail after log4cxx build on Raspberry Pi

Kelly Beard-2
I am attempting to build log4cxx 0.10.0 on a Raspberry Pi from current Apache sources.  I started off by building APR 1.5.1, APR-Util 1.5.4 and APR-iconv 1.2.1.  All of those built successfully.  Log4cxx built successfully after I made changes to the following files:

src/main/cpp/inputstreamreader.cpp (added #include <string.h>)
src/main/cpp/socketoutputstream.cpp (same)
src/examples/cpp/console.cpp (added #include <string.h> and #include <stdio.h>)

Performed the following steps:

./configure --with-apr=/usr/local/apr
make check

These are some of the messages I gleaned out of the output:

patternlayouttest   : -Files [output/filtered] and [witness/patternLayout.4] differ on line 1

Line 189: Compare::compare(FILTERED, LOG4CXX_FILE("witness/patternLayout.4")) was expected to be true, was false. 

Line 217: Compare::compare(FILTERED, LOG4CXX_FILE("witness/patternLayout.5")) was expected to be true, was false. 

Line 342: true != File("output/sbr-test6.0.zip").exists(p)

Failed Tests            Total   Fail    Failed %
minimumtestcase             2      1     50.00%
patternlayouttest          14      2     14.29%
sizebasedrollingtest        6      1     16.67%
Makefile:549: recipe for target 'run-unittest' failed

"uname -a" reports
Linux raspberrypi 3.18.5+ #744 PREEMPT Fri Jan 30 18:19:07 GMT 2015 armv6l GNU/Linux

I did attempt to just install the packages according to http://logging.apache.org/log4cxx/building/autotools.html

sudo apt-get install libapr1.0-dev libaprutil1.0-dev zip

Haven't found anything *yet* like on stackoverflow, etc.

Kelly Beard