Replace does not support in log4j 1.x

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Replace does not support in log4j 1.x

Nipun Sachintha
I have tried to get a stack trace on one single line instead of multiple
Therefore I have tried %replace(%xException){'\n','\u2028'}%nopex%n  in my
log4j properties file.     But replace and Exception are seems to be not
recognized.output I have got following

*2019-03-07 08:55:18,981{GMT} [-] [http-nio-9443-exec-11] ERROR Error in
updating the sequence at the Gateway 122547eplace(Exception){'*

%replace is still recognized as %r and %xException is still recognized as
%x in log4j. I want to know that replace and Exception doesn't support in
log4j 1.x and is there any alternative for this case.


Nipun Sachintha
Software Engineer-Support | WSO2

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