Question about NULL character in a log files.

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Question about NULL character in a log files.

Hello, Community:

I am using Solr7.4.1 which uses log4j (version 2.11) as one of the
Like below, some of the log files that Solr generated contain <0x00> (null
characters) in the near end of the files.

2019-10-20 06:02:03.643 INFO  (coreCloseExecutor-140-thread-4) [
 x:corename] o.a.s.m.SolrMetricManager Closing metric reporters for
2019-10-20 06:02:03.643 INFO  (coreCloseExecutor-140-thread-4) [
  x:corename] o.a.s.m.r.SolrJmxReporter Closing reporter
[org.apache.solr.metrics.reporters.SolrJmxReporter@17281659: rootName =
null, domain = solr.core.corename, service url = null, agent id = null] for
registry solr.core.corename/
printing <0x00> untill the end of file.)

The problem is, because of this incident, I could not trace what happened
to my Solr.

Does anyone have the same issue before?
If anyone knows a way to fix this issue, Could you please let me know?

Any clue will be very appreciated.

Kaya Ota