[Logging Wiki] Update of "Log4j2ReleaseGuide" by RalphGoers

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[Logging Wiki] Update of "Log4j2ReleaseGuide" by RalphGoers

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The "Log4j2ReleaseGuide" page has been changed by RalphGoers:

   1. Update {{{src/changes/announcement.vm}}}
   1. Run {{{mvn -P release-notes generate-resources}}} to create the release notes.
   1. Update {{{src/changes/changes.xml}}} with the release date.
+  1. Pick a logo from src/site/resources/logos. Edit it with Gimp to add the release version number and save it as a png. Copy the saved logo to src/site/resources/images/logo.png.
   1. Run {{{git add, git commit, and git push}}} to commit the {{{RELEASE-NOTES.txt}}} file that was just generated.
   1. Run {{{mvn site}}} followed by {{{mvn site:stage -DstagingDirectory=$HOME/log4j}}} where {{{$HOME}}} is your home directory and verify that the site looks good.
   1. Run {{{mvn -P apache-release release:prepare release:perform -DreleaseVersion=n.n -DdevelopmentVersion=n.n-SNAPSHOT -Dtag=log4j-n.n-rcn}}} to start the release. Enter the password to your signing key when prompted.