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[Logging Wiki] Update of "Log4j2ReleaseGuide" by RalphGoers

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The "Log4j2ReleaseGuide" page has been changed by RalphGoers:

  Before beginning your first release, take the following preparatory steps:
+  1. Run {{{mvn clean install}}} on the project to make sure it will build cleanly.
+  1. Run {{{mvn -P rat -DskipTests verify}}} to verify all the licenses are valid.
   1. Login to http://repository.apache.org using your ASF credentials. Click on your username in the upper-right-hand corner and click Profile. Make sure your email address is correct. If not, contact Infra to get it corrected. You will be unable to get the necessary notifications until it's corrected.
   1. Make sure you have a 4096-bit RSA PGP key pair for code signing. The public key should be published in a public repository, preferably http://pgp.mit.edu/. Also make sure the public key is published to http://www.apache.org/dist/logging/KEYS.
   1. Edit {{{~/.m2/settings.xml}}} to add the corresponding private key and its passphrase to your settings. Also add the Apache Subversion server credentials and Sonatype repository credentials to your settings (this is your ASF credentials). You'll want to blank out the passphrase after each release and fill it back in prior to each release so that it isn't compromised.
@@ -52, +54 @@

   1. Run {{{mvn -P release-notes generate-resources}}} to create the release notes.
   1. Update {{{src/changes/changes.xml}}} with the release date.
   1. Run {{{git add, git commit, and git push}}} to commit the {{{RELEASE-NOTES.txt}}} file that was just generated.
+  1. Run {{{mvn site}}} followed by {{{mvn site:stage -DstagingDirectory=$HOME/log4j}}} where {{{$HOME}}} is your home directory and verify that the site looks good.
   1. Run {{{mvn -P apache-release release:prepare release:perform -DreleaseVersion=n.n -DdevelopmentVersion=n.n-SNAPSHOT -Dtag=log4j-n.n-rcn}}} to start the release. Enter the password to your signing key when prompted.
   1. Login to http://repository.apache.org using your ASF credentials. Select "Staging Repositories" then check the {{{org.apache.logging}}} repository and close it.
   1. Check out the release tag that was created via the Maven release plugin using {{{git checkout tags/tagname}}}.