[Logging Wiki] Update of "Log4j2ReleaseGuide" by RalphGoers

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[Logging Wiki] Update of "Log4j2ReleaseGuide" by RalphGoers

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The "Log4j2ReleaseGuide" page has been changed by RalphGoers:

   1. Login to http://repository.apache.org using your ASF credentials. Select "Staging Repositories" then check the {{{org.apache.logging}}} repository and close it.
   1. Check out the release tag that was created via the Maven release plugin using {{{git checkout tags/tagname}}}.
   1. Run {{{mvn site}}} in the tag directory. When that completes run {{{mvn site:stage -DstagingDirectory=$HOME/log4j}}} where {{{$HOME}}} is your home directory.
-  1. Zip the contents of {{{$HOME/log4j}}} with {{{zip -r log4j.zip log4j}}} and copy to your account at {{{people.apache.org}}} with {{{scp log4j.zip [hidden email]:/home/myUsername}}}. Unzip the contents into your public html directory.
+  1. Zip the contents of {{{$HOME/log4j}}} with {{{zip -r log4j.zip log4j}}}. Commit the site to your github.io account.
   1. Generate the release vote email:
      a. Create the email addressed to [hidden email] and [hidden email]. Sending the email to the PMC is not strictly necessary, but due to the small size of the logging PMC it is expedient to do so in order to get the required votes.
      a. Copy the changes in the release from {{{RELEASE-NOTES.txt}}} into the email.