LoggerFields with RFC 5424 with in log4j.properties files.

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LoggerFields with RFC 5424 with in log4j.properties files.


I am trying to add syslog appender to standard elasticsearch-5x log4j2.properties file but it's not sending priority of log message over TCP with log4j2 syslogappender in RFC 5424 format.

I have tried adding LoggerFields into my syslog appender in properties file but it not paying off. I see examples with log4j.xml but no example with log4j.properties for LoggerFields.

Here is my appender:
appender.sumo_syslog.type = Syslog
appender.sumo_syslog.name = sumo_syslog
#appender.sumo_syslog.layout.type = PatternLayout
#appender.sumo_syslog.layout.pattern = %-5p %-25c{1.} %marker%m%n
#appender.sumo_syslog.loggerFields.keyValuePairs=[{"key" : "priority", "value" : "%p"}]
appender.sumo_syslog.loggerFields={"key" : "priority", "value" : "%p"}
appender.sumo_syslog.port = 514
appender.sumo_syslog.host = localhost
appender.sumo_syslog.facility = local6
appender.sumo_syslog.protocol = UDP
appender.sumo_syslog.format = RFC5424
appender.sumo_syslog.charset = UTF-8

Also opened this on

Please help.