Log4Net problem in Visual Studio Extension project

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Log4Net problem in Visual Studio Extension project

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Hi All,

I am maintaining the VSIX add-in project to handle my source project. I need to log the exceptions/errors in particular location while using my custom add-in. So, I have tried log4Net utility in my addd-in project for this logging feature. It's working fine while I have checked with debugging my add-in project. But, after I have installed the VSIX of my custom add-in and trying to logging the exception/error, the logging file is not generated in the particular location.

I have attached the sample VSIX project which I have tried the Log4Net logic to logging the exception/error.

Please suggest any solution to me for resolve this problem.

Sample VSIX project : https://www.zeta-uploader.com/1414781448


Ganesan R.