Failing to log in release build

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Failing to log in release build

Nicholas Duane
I think I might be running into the problem defined by this post:

Here's the setup.  We've created a client framework which exposes some event creation methods.  We expect those methods to get called in order to generate events.  Then the application calls log4net to log the event.  I was just debugging some issue where events weren't being logged.  We couldn't figure out what was going on.  Everything seemed to be setup correctly yet no events were flowing.  Almost as if they were being filtered out.  I turned on debug and noticed a difference between when the events weren't being logged and when they were.  When the events did get logged I noticed the following entry in the debug output:

log4net: Creating repository for assembly [...]

This line was missing in the debug output when the events weren't getting logged.

The application is a console application.  The first thing it does in Main() is:


The application explicitly links with our client framework.  Our client framework has the following helper class:

public static class CustomLevels
    public static readonly Level Compliance = LogManager.GetRepository().LevelMap["COMPLIANCE"];

public static class Logging
    public static void Compliance(this ILog logger, object o)
        logger.Logger.Log(null, CustomLevels.Compliance, o, null);

So I was wondering if maybe the Compliance static readonly field was getting initialized before XmlConfigurator.Configure() was called and thus the Compliance Level was not correct.  This would cause the behavior we experience where nothing was getting logged because we have a filter on our appender to filter out everything but compliance level.

Our application config file has the compliance level defined as follows:

        <name value="COMPLIANCE"/>
        <value value="140000"/>