FOSDEM 2017 Open Source Conference - Brussels

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FOSDEM 2017 Open Source Conference - Brussels

Sharan F
Hello Everyone

This email is to tell you about ASF participation at FOSDEM. The event will be held in Brussels on 4th & 5th February 2017 and we are hoping that many people from our ASF projects will be there.

Attending FOSDEM is completely free and the ASF will again be running a booth there. Our main focus will on talking to people about the ASF, our projects and communities.

Why Attend FOSDEM?
Some reasons for attending FOSDEM are:
  1. Promoting your project: FOSDEM has up to 4-5000 attendees so is a great place to spread the word about your project
  2. Learning, participating and meeting up: FOSDEM is a developers conference so includes presentations covering a range of technologies and includes lots of topic specific devrooms
A page on the Community Development wiki has been created with the main details about our involvement at conference, so please take a look

If you would like to spend some time on the ASF booth promoting your project then please sign up on the FOSDEM wiki page. Initially we would like to split this into slots of 3-4 hours but this will depend on the number of projects that are represented.

We are also looking for volunteers to help out on the booth over the 2 days of the conference, so if you are going to be there and are willing to help then please add your name to the volunteer list.

Project Stickers
If you are going to be at FOSDEM and do not have any project stickers to give away then we may (budget permitting) be able to help you get some printed. Please contact me with your requirements.

Social Event
Some people have asked about organising an ASF social event / meetup during the conference. This is possible but we will need know how many people are interested and which date works best. The FOSDEM wiki page also contains an 'Arrival / Departure' section so so please add your details if you would like to participate.

I hope this helps people see some of the advantages of attending FOSDEM and we are looking forward to seeing lots of people there from our ASF communities.


Apache Community Development