Building the latest log4csxx from source

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Building the latest log4csxx from source

Sandhya Sundaresan


 Has anyone built the latest version from the source tree and used it ? Yesterday while I was looking for version 0.11 (maintenance version) to download and try , I couldn't find the tar file and today  even the broken link is gone.  So I guess I have to build it myself from source. We really need the  support for multiple processes to be able to log to one log file working. We see incosistencies while using RollingFileAppender today and the logfiles and backups don't happen until the logging processes stop .

So we'd like to try with a version that has the fix for

The latest source source seems to have this fix but  there is no version available for download. 

In this JIRA it says we need to set this define LOG4CXX_MULTI_PROCESS

Which Makefile do I set it in  so it takes effect ?  

Thank you in advance