[ANNOUNCE] Apache log4php 2.1.0 released

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[ANNOUNCE] Apache log4php 2.1.0 released

Ivan Habunek-2
Dear all,

The Apache log4php team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
log4php 2.3.0.

Significant changes in this release include:
* Ability to override the default renderer.
* New experimental appender: FirePHP
* Many improvemetns to LoggerLayoutPatern (support for long conversion
words, many new conversion words)
* Various improvements to appenders
* Several bugfixes

Release notes, including the full change, log can be found here:

The release is available from:

The PEAR package will be available in a couple of days from our PEAR channel:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the making of this release.

Best regards,
The Apache log4php team